Birds of St. Charles County, MO
White-breasted Nuthatch

White-breasted Nuthatch
Sitta carolinensis

Size: 5-6"

Male: Slate gray bird with a white belly, black cap and neck. Long thin bill, slightly upturned. Chestnut-colored undertail.

Female: Similar to male, with a gray cap and neck.

Juvenile: Similar to female.

Nest: Female and male build cavity. One brood per year.

Eggs: 5-7; white with brown markings

Incubation: 11-12 days; female incubates

Fledging: 13-14 days; male and female feed young

Migration: The White-breasted Nuthatch can be found in St. Charles County year round.

Food: Insects, seeds, nuts, and will come to seed and suet feeders.

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