Birds of St. Charles County, MO
Red-tailed Hawk

Red-tailed Hawk
Buteo jamaicensis

Size: 19-25"; up to 4-foot wingspan

Male: Large hawk with amazing variety of colors from bird to bird, from chocolate brown to nearly all white. Often brown with a white breast and a distinctive brown belly band. Rust red tail is usually only seen from above. Underside of wings is white with small dark patches on leading edges near shoulders.

Female: Same as male, but slightly larger.

Juvenile: Similar to adults. Lacking the red tail. Has a speckled chest light-eyes.

Nest: Female and male build platform nest. One brood per year.

Eggs: 2-3; white without markings or sometimes marked with brown

Incubation: 30-35 days; female and male incubate

Fledging: 45-46 days; male and female feed young

Migration: The Red-tailed Hawk can be found in St. Charles County year round.

Food: Mice, birds, snakes, insects, and mammals.

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