Birds of St. Charles County, MO
Great Blue Heron

Great Blue Heron
Ardea herodias

Size: 42-52"

Male: Tall gray heron. Black eyebrows extend into several long plumes off the back of the head. Long yellow bill. Feathers at base of neck drop down in a kind of necklace.

Female: Same as male.

Juvenile: Same as adult, but more brown than gray, with a black crown and no plumes.

Nest: Female and male build a platform nest. One brood per year.

Eggs: 3-5; blue green without markings

Incubation: 27-28 days; female and male incubate

Fledging: 56-60 days; male and female feed young

Migration: The Great Blue Heron is a migrator and can be found in St. Charles County during the summer months.

Food: Small fish, frogs, insects, and snakes.

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