Birds of St. Charles County, MO
Eastern Phoebe

Eastern Phoebe
Sayornis phoebe

Size: 7"

Male: Gray bird with dark wings, light olive green belly, and a thin dark bill.

Female: Same as male.

Juvenile: Same as adult.

Nest: Female builds cup nest. Two broods per year.

Eggs: 4-5; white without markings

Incubation: 15-16 days; female incubates

Fledging: 15-16 days; male and female feed young

Migration: The Eastern Phoebe is a migrator and can be found in St. Charles County during the summer months.

Food: Insects, which it catches in a process called "hawking", a method of perching and waiting for a passing insect, flying out to catch the insect mid air, and then returning to the same perch.

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