Birds of St. Charles County, MO
American Goldfinch

American Goldfinch
Carduelis tristis

Size: 5"

Male: (Shown) A cheerful yellow bird with a black patch on forehead. Black tail with conspicuous white rump. Black wings with white wing bars, and no markings on chest. Dramatic color change during the winter, similar to the appearance of the female.

Female: Dull olive yellow without a black forhead. Brown black wings and white rump.

Juvenile: Same as female.

Nest: Female builds cup nest. One brood per year.

Eggs: 4-6; pale blue without markings

Incubation: 10-12 days; female incubates

Fledging: 11-17 days; male and female feed young

Migration: The American Goldfinch can be found in St. Charles County year round.

Food: Seeds (especially Nyger Thistle), insects, and will visit seed feeders.

Fact: Will hang upside down to eat on specialized goldfinch feeders, as well as on thistle growing wild.

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